15 Clever Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks For 2016

By Alex Patterson In Organization | Seasonal | Storage Solutions |

It’s that time of year again, Spring! Is your home cluttered from all the holiday fun and starting to need a deep clean again? Managing to deep clean the whole home seems like a lifelong project. Life doesn’t stop and work, school, activities, and events must go on. Getting your home spotless and organized like you want it can be easier with these 15 clever spring cleaning tips and tricks.

1. Getting the home cleaned in one day is a lot to handle. You don’t have to clean everything in one day. Take your time and create a list to keep track of what needs to be done. There are plenty of free printables online you can download or you can create your own. You can group your list by day, room, or just create a simple list of tasks.

2. Use soda to clean the toilet. This will save the time of scrubbing the toilet. Pour a can of coke in the toilet and move on to the shower. While it sits the carbonation deep cleans the toilet removing the water ring and all other stains.

3. While the soda sits use a special mixture to clean the shower or tub. Use a mixture of dish soap and vinegar to soak your tub for about an hour. This will get rid of the stubborn grime in the grout of the shower or the dirt stuck to the anti-slip coating in the tub.

4. Cut a lemon in half and rub on to your bathroom faucets to remove hard water stains. This will make your faucet shine and look brand new!

5. Scrubbing your stove grates could take hours. Before starting to clean the kitchen throw them in a plastic bag with some ammonia. By the time you finish cleaning the kitchen they will be nice and clean!

6. Want your toaster to shine? Another way to get items like your faucet to sparkle is to use cream of tartar. This is another option if you don’t have lemons lying around.

7. On to the microwave! Simply put a half and half mixture of hot water and vinegar into a glass bowl or cup and microwave for ten minutes. After use the mixture to give the microwave a quick wipe. Ta-dah! All of that splattered food gone!

8. Places you can’t see, like your garbage disposal need to be cleaned too! Make vinegar ice cubes and run them in the garbage disposal to clean it and sharpen the blades.

9. Here is a special hack when cleaning your floor. Use a clean dust pan to fill up your mop bucket with water. This works great when your bucket doesn’t fit in your sink.

10. Dusting is something everyone dreads. On top of it seeming to make a bigger mess, it also gets in your eyes and nose. To keep that from happening use a pillow case when dusting your ceiling fans. This will keep the dust from falling on the floor and spreading everywhere.

11. Lost a sock lately? Don’t throw its pair away! Use old un-paired socks to dust your blinds when deep cleaning your home. This is a quick and effective dusting technique.

12. Lint rollers work great as dusters too! Use lint rollers to dust lamp shades and remove pet hair.

13. Its important to clean in the small hidden places, like air vents. It’s hard to get in between the slots to get all the dust and dirt. Try using a knife and rag to get in between the small spaces.

14. Another small space that is hard to clean is window tracks. Dip a q-tip or toothbrush in white vinegar and run it along the window tracks and sills.

15. When cleaning out bedrooms to keep a fast pace and stay organized create labeled boxes. Make a box for trash, one for storage, and one for donation. Getting rid of clutter is a main goal when spring cleaning.  Any seasonal items or items being saved for later use can go into a storage unit. Any items you haven’t touched in over a year can get donated. Items that can no longer can be used can go in the trash.

While you are motivated don’t forget about places other then the home! Spring clean your office space and car as well. These tips and tricks can help you achieve a clean and organized life in no time.

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