Top 10 Places To Live In 2017

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Moving comes with a lot of thought and consideration. People choose to relocate due to reasons such as family, jobs, lifestyles, and the cost of living. Whatever the reason is families are sure to migrate to certain areas throughout the year. It seems the South is headed towards a population increase. Florida itself holds 3 cities that are in the top 10 places to live for 2017. Let’s take a look at the ten cities and why they have become a popular place to move.

The number one place to move according to’s study is Tampa, Florida. With a strong market for cheap houses and a very low unemployment rate the city is a magnet for families looking to relocate. Job opportunities are high and are continuing to increase. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be that close to the beach!?

Coming in second place is another Florida city, Jacksonville. With no income tax in the state people are flocking to the major cities. Jacksonville, like Tampa, has a low unemployment rate with jobs being created left and right.

Next in line is another southern city, Charlotte, North Carolina. With a booming economy in the metropolitan areas Charlotte comes in third place. It also is an area with outstanding schools and colleges. Charlotte is home to the University of North Carolina which is rated one of the best colleges in the nation.

San Antonio, Texas falls at number four. The fast growing city is ranked as the seventh largest metro in the United States. Families are tending to move here for the traditional events and the fun theme parks, like Sea World.

Right below San Antonio, falls another Texas state, Austin. Austin is rapidly growing with hipsters and the quirky lifestyle. The city is flooding with jobs from major corporations like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Heading towards the west we have the one and only Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though the unemployment rate might be higher than the rest of the cities on the list, the average home price is fairly low. Since the cost of living is less expensive then Los Angeles, we see families relocating to Vegas.

In seventh place and the third Florida city on the list, is of course, “The City Beautiful”, Orlando. Since Florida has still not recovered from the 2008 market crash, the housing prices are abnormally low inviting more people to relocate to the state. The city is growing which is inviting more jobs in certain areas. The overwhelming abundance of theme parks as well offer millions of jobs. Let’s face it, dreams do come true at Disney.

Calling all musicians, eighth on the list is Nashville, Tennessee. With almost the lowest unemployment rate on the list, the city invites artist with their escalating entertainment scene creating jobs for all different artistic talents.

Going back to North Carolina, Raleigh weighs in at number nine. Raleigh’s job satisfaction rating is high and the market continues to blossom with opportunities, reeling those in who are in need of a job.

Last on the list is Portland, Oregon. Portland has the highest average home price, but people are drawn to the lifestyle. Going “green” has been a major trend this past year. More and more food companies are going natural or organic and so are their customers. Documentaries are surfacing on Netflix and more people are becoming environmentally aware. Those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle for their environment and their own bodies have started to relocate to areas where this is popular, possible, and practiced, like Portland.

Most of the cities seem to be increasing in population due to relocation’s for job opportunities and the low cost of housing or living. Tampa, Florida is number one along with Florida having two other cities in the ranking. The relocation to Florida seems to be the most popular move. The self storage market is growing in the state due to the increase in population which in return is creating even more job opportunities. Moving to Florida soon? We have you covered with your self storage and moving needs!

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