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Self storage is now a highly competitive and sophisticated business. Personal Mini Storage has evolved from a property management operation to a sales and marketing company. By partnering with Personal Mini Storage, you gain access to a variety of resources and industry experience. Resources such as an in-house marketing team, partnerships with the top call center in the industry, sophisticated revenue management systems, and industry-leading training and coaching by self storage experts.

Performance Expectations

Personal Mini Storage has been in the self storage industry for over 32 years. We expect each property to achieve monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. With 36 storage properties solely in Mid-Florida, we've been able to strengthen our position which allows for greater pricing power, geographic rental advantages, and lower marketing expenses.

Management Team Experience

Your project will be treated like it's our own. Our management team provides an average 12 years of industry experience. We hold our managers and properties to the highest standards and strive to put "A" players in every position.

Why Choose Personal Mini Storage?

  • We have a proven track record with 36 centralized locations in Florida and 32 years of industry experience.
  • You'll instantly have access to an in-house marketing team and lower marketing costs.
  • Missed phone calls at your property will be answered by an industry leading call center.
  • Our management team has an extensive industry knowledge--with an average 12 years of self storage experience.
  • Customized, industry-leading software with sophisticated revenue management and CRM (customer relationship management) tools.
  • Increase profits through smart discounting, real-time pricing, and rate management.
  • Enjoy dramatic improvements in ancillary income utilizing our truck rental, merchandising, and tenant insurance programs.
  • Industry-leading training, coaching and team member resources to maximize on-site performance.

Learn more about Personal Mini Storage Management

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Property information could include number of properties, property location(s), major areas of concern, what areas you'd like to see your properties improve.

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Personal Mini Storage Management
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Personal Mini Storage Management
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