5 Space-Saving Tips For Your Dorm Room: Fall 2016

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Summer is wrapping up and Fall 2016 is just around the corner. College students are moving on campus or to small apartments as the semester approaches. Some might have some warped notions about the size of the college dorm rooms before moving into it.

The reality is, however, you never have as much space as you think you will. This is why organization skills and creative storage tips are always great to learn before making your move. Here are 5 space-saving tips to use this semester.


We always recommend that incoming college students figure out what to bring and what to leave at home, but even then it’s likely you won’t have enough space to store everything. Pack only the essentials. Don’t pack too heavy if you’re going to be able to make trips home during the year to exchange seasonal items.

We understand, however, that not everyone has the luxury to be able to make frequent visits home. In that case, seasonal items like clothes and holiday accessories can be stored in a convenient self-storage facility, out of your way when you don’t need them but easily accessed when you do!

2. Go Vertical

Whether you are in a dorm room or an off campus apartment your room, like most, won’t be wide, but it will be tall. This is to comfortably accommodate lofted and bunked beds, something that you can capitalize on.

Think about acquiring taller and narrower units to organize your stuff; for example, a tall organizer with individual pockets can help store your shoes and clothes in the your closet. A hanging shoe organizer can organize anything from cosmetics to snacks.

3. use Bins, Baskets and Hooks

Bins, baskets, and hooks will be your best friend when organizing and creating storage in your room. Plastic bins work great for under the bed storage. Most bins are stackable or are sturdy enough to place something on top (remember go vertical).

Baskets and hooks are spectacular when you are trying to save-space and create more storage at the same time. Hang baskets with hooks to keep them off the floor and out of your way.

4. Utilize The Underneath Spaces

This is where creativity comes into play in terms of maintaining some semblance of organization where it’s admittedly hard to come by. You may not have considered the rare, open spaces under your bed, desk or object with legs for excess storage.

Some beds have drawers built into their base, which is a useful solution for storage conundrums. If you have a bed that is lofted, this increases the possibilities for creating storage where previously there was none (this is why it’s also a good idea to look into getting your bed lofted).

5. Specify Zones

To maintain some degree of order and organization in a small dorm room it’s great to specify certain zones. You want to keep your bathroom necessities in or near the bathroom and your kitchen utensils by your fridge and microwave.

Most dorm rooms don’t have kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have food in your room. For this, designate a “kitchen” or “pantry” area. The same goes for “study”, “leisure” or whatever areas you need to create order in your dorm room. Keeping your belongings organized will create optional space in your room.

You certainly wouldn’t be the first to run out of storage and space in your room. Consider the following tips before, during, and after your move to eliminate stress and wasted time this Fall 2016 semester.

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