All About Getting Organized in 2014!

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New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. Here at Personal Mini Storage, we realize that the number one priority in life is to be happy. We also realize that one way to be happy is having a well-organized life. So here are a few tips to get you onto the road to successfully organizing your cluttered life.


Prior to finding and loading up your storage unit, you’re going to need to know how much space you need to rent so that you can store your precious possessions. A great way to do this is to set up a way to keep track of all the items you are going to want in storage. Take note of what items you’ll need and when you’ll need them. You won’t need your surf board during Christmas or your snowboard in summer, so keep them at the storage facility until next spring. Knowing exactly what you have and having an accessible log of everything in storage will prevent a lot of future headaches, not to mention save you valuable time not having to migrate to a different size unit.

Variety of Storage Unit Sizes

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

So your list has been made of all of the items you want to put into storage and you picked out the perfect size unit. Now comes the task of organizing the items your storage unit by usage, with the items that are you use the least, or not at all, in the back of the unit and the items that get the most use to the front of the unit. As the seasons change so may the layout of your storage unit. No need commit your layout to memory, thanks to technology, there are numerous ways to keep track of your rotation schedule. You can a spreadsheet on your computer using a program like Microsoft Excel or jump online and try out Google Docs. Not a “techy”? No problem! Sometimes there is nothing like using the old pencil and paper route.


Clutter is an indicator of many things, such as poor habits, lack of organization, sentimental attachment, and just plain having too much stuff. Each item of clutter comes inherently with a decision that is being delayed.The mail arrives, stuffed with circulars, junk mail and catalogs. “There might be something of value, I’ll go through it later!” whispers the clutter monster, deferring the simple decision to toss the unwanted paper. Something as trivial as mail, if left unnoticed, can cause disastrous clutter in just a few months. It’s no wonder that clutter can get to an overwhelming point quickly and scare off even a mighty Spartan Warrior. If you find yourself walking up to your own mount Everest of clutter, take a step back and tell yourself it doesn’t have to get done all at once.  Look at the mess you want to tackle and break it down into smaller projects. Mentally preparing yourself and taking small steps forward, keeps the daunting task of organizing the room realistic and helps make the project seem much more doable.

Over-board Hoarder?

If you’re like me, you sometimes find it hard to let go of your trash. I have found myself re-using butter Tupperware to store my leftovers, old coconut oil containers as coin jars, and old toothbrushes as grout scrubbers. These are just a few examples of my attempt at being frugal to save money and “go green” to not waste resources. This method has done wonders for my wallet but has littered my house with recycled products. One day, while holding a toothbrush I had purchased many moons ago, I had to ask myself, “are you a hoarder?” So I learned a new way to look at the items that I intend to re-use, If your embarrassed for company to see it, then it’s probably time to throw it.

Here is a quick recap for those of us that like to skip to the back of the book and read the ending first. New Year’s is a time to reflect on our wins and loses from the previous year and resolve to fix the bad habits we have formed throughout the years. A very common and very important resolution is Organization because being organized can create a low stress, relaxing environment where we can decompress. A few things to keep in mind when talking any organization job, Pre-plan the attack, create a rotation list, start removing the clutter in planned segments, and throw away anything you would be embarrassed to show company! With a few simple, key changes, you can have any room well organized and ready to embrace your new clutter free life style!

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