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5×5 (Regular Closet)

You can equate the 5×5 unit to a regular closet. With 25 square feet, it can hold items such as clothes, boxes, skis, children’s toys, small furniture, business records, sales rep materials, and other personal items. This is typically the smallest unit available at storage facilities (or very close to it). The 5×5 space will be able to contain objects with minimal dimensions. The key is building up as most units roughly have a height of 8 ft. Stacking efficiently will allow to fit everything you may need.

5×10 (Walk-In Closet)

The 5×10 unit is easily comparable to a walk-in closet. Having additional length at 50 square feet, this unit is capable of holding small amounts of furniture, sofas, chairs, drawers, box springs, mattresses, business supplies, records, and boxes. A fairly common option at most facilities, the 5×10 is economical and practical. It is perfect for clearing up some space at home by removing what you just can’t seem to discard. If applicable, place furniture in first, allowing you to put boxes, files, and other items on top.

7.5×10 (Large Closet)

The 7.5×10 unit, a large closet, holds more, but similar, contents to the 5×10 unit: furniture, sofas, chairs, tables, mattresses with their frames, supplies, boxes, etc. In truth, this unit might be able to squeeze in the important items of a smaller one bedroom apartment. Attempting to fit it all may result in cutting it a bit close, but this risk might have merit in the attempt to save money. Worst case scenario might be keeping a few things at home until you find the time to switch units, if need be. No harm done.

10×10 (Half of a One-Car Garage)

The 10×10 space, resembling half of a garage, is the standard unit for a one bedroom apartment. It will manage the major appliances, other furniture, and supplies. This space might be needed if you plan on downsizing your home or apartment.  The 10×10 will easily hold these contents. Another common use of the 10×10 is inventory storage. This more applies to just-in-time inventory, where items come and go quite often. At 100 square feet, this unit is very popular and meets people’s needs more often than not.

10×15 (Two-Thirds of a One-Car Garage)

The 10×15 unit, nearly a full garage, is considered more of a commercial unit. It can be occupied by a two-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items. This is perfect for a substantial downsize into a smaller home. It is also an ordinary choice for commercial storage inventory. This case may call for a higher amount of or larger inventory in need of a longer term of immobility. In other words, the 150 square feet would allow your supply to grow without running out of room too early or too often.

10×20 (Standard One-Car Garage)

The 10×20 unit, which is analogous to a one car garage, is typically utilized in a similar fashion to the 10×15 unit. It can manage a three-bedroom house with major appliances, plus lots of boxes. This unit would be perfect for a major downsize. An appropriate example would be a move from a spacious house to an apartment. More often, though, this unit is used for business purposes. These spaces will hold a great deal of storage racks, making file storage simple and unproblematic. The 200 square feet allow for large amounts of inventory as well.

10×30 (Standard Two-Car Garage)

The 10×30 unit is the equivalent of a two car garage. With a huge unit like this, the possibilities are endless. It can fit a four-to five-bedroom house with major appliances and plenty of room for boxes. In the unfortunate event of an extreme downsize, this unit could be useful. By definition, it can also accommodate a large vehicle with room to spare. Obviously, this is a very commercial oriented space. There is ample room for inventory. This unit is excellent for storage of files with storage racks. Use this space for large equipment and permanent records too.

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