Ultimate Florida Fall Bucket List

By Pauline Callejas In Seasonal |

Florida might not have chilly winds or falling leaves, but we still know how to do fall right. The sun’s still out, but that won’t stop our autumn fun.

With the Ultimate Florida Fall Bucket List, we’ll show you how to enjoy fall, Florida-style. From pumpkin patches to evening fall festivals under palm trees, we’ve got it covered.

Ready to explore a different kind of fall? Let’s dive in! ๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽ‰

  1. Get a Pumpkin Spice Latte or your favorite Fall drink
  2. Take cute pictures at a pumpkin patch
  3. Feed farm animals
  4. Stop by a haunted house
  5. Have a bonfire
  6. Eat a caramel apple
  7. Decorate your house for Fall
  8. Light a Fall scented candle in your home
  9. Attend a farmers market
  10. Go to a Fall festival
  11. Light a Fall scented candle in your home
  12. Wear a cozy sweater
  13. Roast marshmallows
  14. Shop for Fall clothes
  15. Carve or decorate a pumpkin
  16. Jump in a pile of leaves
  17. Run a Fall 5K
  18. Participate in a Thanksgiving drive
  19. Go to a corn maze
  20. Have an outdoor movie night
  21. Decorate Fall cookies
  22. Bake cinnamon rolls
  23. Go apple picking
  24. Roast pumpkin seeds
  25. Take a scenic drive
  26. Go on a bike ride
  27. Decorate a mug
  28. Read a cozy book
  29. Take a hay ride
  30. Trick or treat
  31. Make trail mix
  32. Eat candy corn
  33. Read a book outside
  34. Roast s’mores
  35. Watch football
  36. Go on a nature walk
  37. Go to a museum
  38. Start a Fall journal
  39. Grab your Fall/Halloween decorations from storage
  40. Halloween movie night
  41. Take cute fall family photos
  42. Go camping
  43. Make chili or soup
  44. Build a fort
  45. National park hop
  46. Host friendsgiving
  47. Have a game night
  48. Harry Potter Marathon
  49. Bake a pie
  50. Do random acts of kindness

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