Moving Supplies: Boxes

When you're moving or storing those extra items you can't part with, securing durable, affordable boxes and moving supplies is one more item you don't have space for on your to-do list.

Personal Mini Storage stocks boxes and packing supplies at many of our storage facilities for our customers' convenience. Call ahead and we can have your boxes waiting for you when you come by! We have a broad selection of specialized boxes, including dish pack boxes, file storage boxes, and wardrobe boxes. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our retail products.

Box Type Price (Starting at)
Small Box Small Box
Ideal for Books, Video Games, Utensils...
Medium Box Medium Box
Ideal for Toys, Small Appliances, Kitchen Utensils...
Large Box Large Box
Ideal for Towels, Computer Monitors, Stereo Speakers...
Extra Large Box Extra Large Box
Ideal for Comforters, Lamp shades, Pillows...
File Box File Box
Ideal for Legal Size Folders, Business or Personal Records...
Wardrobe Box Wardrobe Box
Ideal for Hanging Clothes, Sports Coats, Draperies...
Storage Pack Boxes Storage Pak
10 Small Boxes, 10 Medium Boxes, 2 Large Boxes, 1 Marker (Plus This Bonus Box)