Self Storage Management Services

Personal Mini Storage Management has a proven track record. We've been succeeding in the self storage industry since 1982.

Why Personal Mini Storage Management

Self storage is now a highly competitive and sophisticated business. By partnering with Personal Mini Storage, you gain access to a variety of resources and industry experience. Resources such as an in-house marketing team, sophisticated revenue management systems, and industry-leading training and coaching by self storage experts. Because of our size and footprint in the industry, owners and operators are able to enjoy back-house savings, economies of scale and advertising & marketing efficiencies.

Performance Expectations

Personal Mini Storage has evolved from a property management operation to a sales and marketing company. We expect each property to achieve monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. With 40 storage properties solely in Mid-Florida, we're able to consistently strengthen our position in our markets. As a result, we benefit by having greater pricing power, geographic rental advantages, and lower marketing expenses.

Partner With Personal Mini Storage

We're positioned for growth and have a proven track record with 40 locations in Florida. Our management team provides industry-leading resources, training, and coaching to maximize performance.

Management Team

Our home office is centrally located in Orlando, Florida. Our management team are experts in the industry, providing an average 12 years of industry experience. We hold our managers and properties to the highest standards.

Meet Our Team

Case Study: Project Beacon

This case highlights the overall impact Personal Mini Storage Management had to the operational and financial performance at a recent acquisition over a span of 6 months. View the Case Study Highlights to learn more.

How Personal Mini Storage Management Can Help

We're a full-service management company. All we do is self storage.

Account Management

Customer care is a top priority for us. It's Personal.

Ancillary Income Programs

Truck rentals, merchandising, and tenant insurance with proven 80+% penetration.


Both routine and flash audits to ensure operations are running smoothly.

Back Office

Our back office team takes care of banking and financials utilizing the latest accounting software.

Call Center

Partnership with the leading industry call center provider.

Coaching & Training

Our team has an average 12 years of industry experience, providing industry-leading training and coaching.

Collections Management

Access to tools and strategies to reduce A/R and maximize revenue.

Graphic Design

Custom facility branded materials. Get professional artwork at zero additional expense.

Investor Distributions

Investor distributions are delivered on time, every month.

Maintenance Management

Managers on-site track and report maintenance in our electronic maintenance system.

Management Reporting

Comprehensive reporting providing key performance and financial metrics.

Online Integrations

Deliver real-time pricing with an online rates and reservation system, fully-integrated with SiteLink.

Payroll & Benefits

Established relationships with payroll, benefit, and retirement plan services.

Performance Driven Compensation

Develop smart goals and drive performance. Reward for results.

Proprietary Self Storage Apps

Custom self storage applications that increase employee productivity.

Recruiting & Hiring

Put "A" players in every position and provide them with the tools and resources to succeed.

Revenue Management

Maximize revenue with sophisticated dynamic rate management and tenant rate management practices.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing tactics for both online and in the community. Industry-leading sales and marketing coaching.

Supplier Relationships

Bulk purchase rates and established relationships with leading box and moving supply vendors.

Technology Support

Technology tools and support for on-site hardware and software systems.

Vendor Management

Access to a system of preferred vendors who have a history of quality, timely service, and being cost efficient.

Website Management

In-house website management containing the latest lead-generation technologies.

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Personal Mini Storage Management provides both full-service and customized management, training, and consulting services.